WordPress Flickr Manager plugin v1.1

At long last! If you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for the release of WordPress Flickr Manager 1.1, your week long journey is finally at an end. With this latest arrival, I added a few bells and whistles which have made my ‘Flickring’ and blogging all the easier, such as the new ‘Flickr Manager’ panel that appears now just below the tinyMCE editor in your administration panel. This new addition is feature packed, it allows for drag-drop image insertion into your posts, as well as a new and improved upload form.

wpfm v1.1 Edit Panel

The browse panel allows for filtering of images through the use of a tag search, as well as the selection of the various image sizes that Flickr have to offer (remember you can still customize the size of the image from within tinyMCE). The time where you would have to leave your post, go to Flickr and copy the code for your image is at an end. Now it’s as simple as drag and drop. This brings me to the next tab on the panel, the shiny new upload form.

Flickr Upload Panel

From here I can upload new images, including various meta details such as the title, tags, and the description. It’s now all strapped together with AJAX style functionality so you’ll never have to leave your post for anything.

The files are available in zip and tar.gz.


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