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Move SQL Server Database Files

At work we had a SQL Server 2008 R2 database server with about 15 or so databases on it, by default SQL had been configured to put all the *.mdf, *.ldf files in the system drive. The goal was to … Continue reading

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Serialize JSON with jQuery

I was reading an interesting article on about JSON serialization and decided to wrap it up in as a jQuery extension to include in my development library. ┬áMost of the code has been borrowed from the original implementation, I’ve just … Continue reading

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ASP.NET WebMethods with jQuery and AJAX

I haven’t updated this blog in a long, long time, but today I was working on something interesting and thought I should write it down before I forget. I was working on an ASP.NET application and needed to perform an … Continue reading

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Create a RAID 1 Array with an Existing Drive

So, last month the IT department at DIRC was made redundant due to funding issues (The joys of working for the not-for-profit sector), as a result myself and colleague David were out of a job. If you’re looking for a … Continue reading

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What’s new in Flickr Manager 2.3

In this latest installment of Flickr Manager, you may have noticed some changes to the media panel. The first change is the separation of the browse panel into two separate tabs, “My Photos”, “My Photosets”. Secondly, a new option to … Continue reading

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Flickr Manager I18N

To bring in the new year, I bring you Flickr Manager 2.1. The updated version contains a number of bug fixes, interface revamps, but the main new feature is the support for internationalization. EDIT: A Launchpad translation project has been … Continue reading

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WFM Update

WordPress Flickr Manager 2.0 has been released. I’ve created a new page here that will contain all future updates and information about the plugin. Thanks, Trent

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Flickr Manager gets photo sets in 1.5.0

In this final release of 1.5.0 I’ve added photo set support that allows you to browse your personal photo sets as well as take advantage of the Lightbox photo set functionality when inserting photos into posts. An example: Wordcamp Melbourne … Continue reading

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Flickr Manager gets a new Framework

So some of you may have noticed already that yesterday I released version 1.5.0a of my Flickr Manager plugin. The main point of this version update was because of all the development that’s been going on lately, the code has … Continue reading

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WFM 1.4.5 – Lightbox 2 Support

WordPress Flickr Manager’s latest release now supports Lightbox 2. I’ve also added new “Optional Settings” such as “Enable lightbox support by default” and “Default lightbox picture”, which lets you specify a default size of the image being displayed by Lightbox. … Continue reading

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