A WordPress hoedown down south

[img:2039394071,thumbnail]I had a good time last weekend in Melbourne, had some great food, saw the sites and attended a WordPress event WordCamp. WordCamp was a gathering of geeks with a vision, and that vision was WordPress. The day was action packed with a load of presentations and round-tables, amongst the speakers were Alex Shiels (Automattic), who was telling us about how much wordpress.com had grown and a few of their operational details. A special acknowledgment goes to James Farmer (Edublogs), for which none of this would have been possible without him. Other speakers included Darren Rowse (problogger.net) and Christine Davis (Ultimate Tag Warrior).


[img:2040195496,thumbnail]The event took place at the Watermark Bar whose logo eerily resembled the WordPress trademark ‘W’. The venue was nice; it had an almost serene like water front view of the Docklands, unfortunately in all the excitement I didn’t get to many photos. Here’s a couple (courtesy of my Flickr Manager plugin) from when they were still decking the place out. In all fairness, any place I go where I leave full of party pies, spring rolls and a shiny new WordPress t-shirt (it’s red, but why then, don’t I blog any faster?) is top notch in my books.

To top off the weekend which had already put me in a bit of a natural nerd high, I splurged and bought a new MacBook Pro. Now broke and burdened with debt I trudged back the airport to board my voyage home once again.[img:2040132852,small]

David and I after WordCamp

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