Flickr Manager I18N

To bring in the new year, I bring you Flickr Manager 2.1. The updated version contains a number of bug fixes, interface revamps, but the main new feature is the support for internationalization.


A Launchpad translation project has been setup: Click here to view a list of all currently available translations. Very briefly, Launchpad will enable a community of translators to help translate the plugin into whatever language is needed.

How to translate with Launchpad

  1. Setup a account.
  2. Select your preferred languages. This will be the language you want to translate.
  3. You should see your language show up in this list. Simply click the name to get started with the translations. The system will try to offer suggests where available (retrieved from other open source projects).
  4. Your translations are saved as you proceed. When it comes time to package a release, your translation will be automatically included in the release for everyone to use. Thanks for your help!
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16 Responses to Flickr Manager I18N

  1. Josh says:

    Very nice update! I especially like the new drop-down menu for image size that appears after the image selection. Thanks for your time and effort.

  2. pete says: is the community of BuddyPress’ developers that creates and extends this platform.

    Can you adapt it as a buddypress plugin?

  3. John Boyd says:

    Since the latest Flickr Manager update, HighSlide doesn’t seem to be working. I can insert photos into the blog, but if I click on the photos, it takes me to my flickr page instead of the HighSlide box opening. Right now, I’m using the code from previous posted (before latest update) pictures, then changing the url to the photos to get it to work.

  4. Tobias says:

    Hi, thanks for your very cool plugin.

    Four things –

    a) the form is messed up in the new version, the input and comboboxes below the pictures are all over the place.
    b) Is there any way the list of albums could reflect what mode is selected (public/private)? Currently, I can access my private pictures in the image list, but the album list will only contain albums that have public pictures in them.
    c) I wonder if it would be possible to coordinate the use of function names with the guys who wrote the photodropper plugin there’s a certain amount of incompatibility that has to be dealt with manually at the moment.
    d) interface-wise – a feature suggestion: maybe it would be possible to change the opacity of selected images id the ajax insert is successful. Somethimes it doesn’t work, and then I return to the post that was hidden under the thickbox only to realise only half of the images were added to my gallery.


  5. Hi Tobias,

    a) Can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like? and does it differ from the screenshot featured in wordpress extend?

    b) This option is scheduled for release in the next update

    c) I wrote the majority of photo dropper for AU interactive, I’ll fix the compatibility issues, but what is the need to use both (WFM does everything Photo Dropper does)?

    d) I’m not entirely sure what you mean here, sorry.

  6. Mark Harris says:

    I have the same problem of a). The problem is when you have sets in your flickr account that have very long names, the sets listbox expands to fit the longest names, rather than having a fixed width. I can provide a screenshot if necessary, but it should be easy to fix — just set a maximum width for your listbox so it never gets wider.


  7. CD says:

    I seem to get some thumbnail spacing issues when I insert a group of photos as a set. the first line is spaced out evenly and the second row is out of alignment. Right now I’m working around this by inserting the photos individually.

    also, there seems to be three sets of controls at the top of the photoslide viewer when viewed in IE and only one set of controls in safari.

    Awesome plugin though, makes my site look great!

  8. shamran says:

    Just upgraded and havind a bit of a problem:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in /customers/ on line 1311

  9. shamran says:

    All i get after the upgrade is:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in /customers/ on line 1311

  10. Everybody experiencing the “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’” bug please redownload the plugin, this problem has now been fixed.

  11. suzuki says:

    Thank you for a wonderful plug-in. When flickr-manager was renewed automatically the other day, a serious error had been displayed though I was a blogger in Japan. Is there a method of evading something?Please teach though it apologizes.

    wordpress ver.2.7
    FlickrManager ver.2.2
    ?Displayed content?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in /home/sites/ on line 1311

  12. Suzuki, please read the comment directly above yours.

    Please redownload the plugin. This issue has been fixed.

  13. Minh Trung says:

    Very good plugin.
    How to show picture’s name before pictures when view medium size?

  14. Yanyan says:

    I can’t seem to use legacy mode like the past, how can I bring that back? Can I get an older version, the new update makes it harder for me to add pictures.

  15. muja says:

    Hi, wonderful plugin and thank you! I just started using it and ran into a formatting issue. Pictures in my WP page shows up all in a column format…How do I fix this?


  16. Karma says:

    Hi Trent, I really hope you are still maintaining this wonderful plugin. Any chance you could give us the option to “shrink large images to fit smaller screens” automatically in the lightbox mode like most other lightbox plugins do? I have tried to disable lightbox in Flickr Manager and use another plugin for the lightbox part, but it does not work, images just link to flickr then.

    A cherry on top would be to add an option to link all photos in a post like a gallery (next/previous buttons) in lightbox…

    Thanks a million for all your hard work!!

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