WFM 1.4.5 – Lightbox 2 Support

WordPress Flickr Manager’s latest release now supports Lightbox 2. I’ve also added new “Optional Settings” such as “Enable lightbox support by default” and “Default lightbox picture”, which lets you specify a default size of the image being displayed by Lightbox.

Flickr Manager 1.4.5 - Browse Panel

The ‘Browse Photos’ panel has had a bit of a face lift, it now allows for more solid control over inserted Lightbox elements such as specifying the Flickr image size to be displayed in Lightbox from picture to picture.

If you’ve got a suggestion that you’d like to see in a future version of Flickr Manager, let me know.


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41 Responses to WFM 1.4.5 – Lightbox 2 Support

  1. Becky says:

    I love it! And thanks for adding the caption in the code. It could just be me, but the first time I tried inserting an image it didn’t add lightbox support for me, even though I checked the box and default was set to support it. I had to uncheck and recheck the boxes for it to work properly.

    Another suggestion, could you keep the previous version as well? I might revert it to the previous version because lightbox 2 is a bit too fancy for my site. I prefer a simpler effect that runs faster. Thanks!

  2. Becky,
    All previous versions of Flickr Manager are available from here.


  3. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    I’ve been playing around with the plugin, but unfortunately, I’m still unable to authenticate. I’m still getting the “Oops! Flickr can’t find a valid callback URL.” When I try to edit the API/secret, I use my own API just to see how far I can get, but it seems that the callback URL is what I’m having problems with. If I knew how to make my own callback URL, I could test that, but unfortunately can’t. Maybe the callback URL needs to be updated or something for new users as existing users already authenticated, so won’t have that problem. When clicking on authenticate in the wordpress options tab, I get this address: followed by the error message said above.

    ~ Mernald

  4. Hi Trent,

    very cool the new options!

    I know use it with TinyMCE, Advanced TinyMCE and TinyStyle as editor package – it works fine!

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Mernald,
    For some reason you don’t seem to be getting a frob. Try inserting var_dump($frob); after line 431 in flickr-manager-plugin.php: $frob = flickr_call(‘flickr.auth.getFrob’,array(),true);
    and let me know the outcome.


  6. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    I inserted var_dump($frob); (which would be line 432 correct?) after line 431 in the flickr-manager-plugin.php right under $frob = flickr_call(’flickr.auth.getFrob’,array(),true);, but I’m still getting the callback url error. Also, when I inserted var_dump($frob) in the file, if I go to Options > Flickr tab in WordPress, at the top left hand corner (of the white part of the page), it says bool(false) under Flickr Options header.

    ~ Mernald

  7. OK Mernald,
    I’ve made a few changes try redownloading it from WordPress extend, and tell me if you’re still having issues.


  8. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    I just downloaded the version off WordPress extend, but I’m still getting the same problem. Here’s the link when trying to authorize: I guess I’m still unable to get the frob.

    ~ Mernald

  9. Try inserting var_dump($frob); on line 432 again and tell me what you see on the options page.

    Also, what version of WordPress / PHP are you running? and what web server?

  10. Graham Smith says:

    I hate leaving comments that are relating to ‘help me’. I can’t imagine how busy you are, but I usually don’t bother asking. Just drop it.

    But this Plugin looks pretty damn great, but sadly, it does not work as I expected.

    It installed OK. I even authenticated my Flickr account fine.

    But the problem is when I hit ‘finish’ i get this error:
    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare flickr_install() (previously declared in G:\sites\(address removed)\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-flickr-manager\flickr-manager-plugin.php:36) in G:\sites\(address removed)\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-flickr-manager\flickr-manager-plugin.php on line 53

    This does not mean an awful lot to me but was hoping it was maybe simple issue?

    I am running WP 2.3.1 on a PC server without Apache.

    I have had a similar error with one other plug in, so not sure if its something up with my installation or not. It’s only been live a few weeks, so its still pretty clean.

    I have tried with all plugins turned off but that didn’t help.

    I use the K2 theme.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Many thanks

  11. Hi Graham,
    Are you using PHP 5 on your server?

  12. Janek says:

    Hi Trent,
    I am having the same issue as Mernald – stuck a vardump on 432, output:

    your move 🙂

  13. Janek,
    Did you download it yesterday? Because I’ve updated it since Mernald mentioned that. Also I need details, what type of web server? what WordPress version? What version of PHP etc.

  14. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    I’m running PHP 4, WordPress version 2.3.2, and the web server is a UNIX webserver.

    ~ Mernald

  15. Ahh Mernald,
    There’s your problem, you need PHP 5.

  16. Henry says:

    Hey Trent,

    I can find and drop my photos in the post box ok. The thumbnails are there as well. But when i click on them and lightbox comes on, it says the photos are currently unavailable. I’ve made them public and everything, so i’m not sure whats wrong.

  17. Henry,
    Did you set the lightbox size to big? Not all photos have a large equivalent see Flickr. Try setting the lightbox size to medium.

  18. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    Switched to PHP 5 like what you recommended. Enabled cURL, but I’m still getting the unable to authorize. The link is the same as I posted above. Unable to get frob.

    ~ Mernald

  19. Henry says:

    thanks trent, i set them to medium default and they work. i’m still having compatibility issues with lightbox 2.0. what folder should i upload lightbox 2.0 folder to?


    because the folder already has your original lightbox folder.

  20. Henry,
    You don’t need to do anything to get lightbox 2.0, just download version 1.4.5 of my plugin and upload it. Lightbox 2 has been inbuilt.


  21. Mernald,
    Try disabling cURL and enable fopen for URL’s.

  22. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    I disabled cURL and enabled fopen as you recommended, but I get error messages in the Options -> Flickr. It’s a bunch of warning errors that’s pretty much hard to describe. The attached file is somewhat a glimpse of it. It even crashes the browser, so I can’t scroll down the whole page. I really had no other choice but to disable the fopen, and re-enable the cURL.

    fopen URL Error

    ~ Mernald

  23. Mernald,
    That error says you’re getting a permission denied when trying to connect to Flickr. Which indicates to me it could be a firewall issue.
    Are you using Fedora by any chance as your Server OS? If you are, try checking that SELinux is disabled or in permissive mode. Otherwise check your firewall settings.

  24. ivan says:

    Hi Trent,

    I’m using yout plugin. I’ve encounter two issues that I’ll like to report to you to consider including it in next releases.

    1) Instead of linking directly to the photo in flickr (the real photo), it’ll be nice if we could link to the photo page in flickr, the one with the comments and so on.

    2) In hte browse photos it’ll be nice if even if changing the photo size, the loaded photos are in a thumbnail size, to spped up loading and making browsing more confortable.

    That’s it. thanks for this plugin, it’s really nice.


  25. Ivan,
    1) It does link to the photo page. There should be nowhere in the plugin that links directly to the image, and if you find some that do let me know where. Thanks.

    2) Yeah I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, so I think I’ll update that in the next release.


  26. ivan says:


    1) You’re right, it link to the photo flickr page 🙂
    2) That’ll be really nice, thanks.

  27. Mernald says:

    Hey Trent,

    I’m so happy to let you know that I was able to finally get the plugin to be authenticated by Flickr. It seems that you were right about the firewall. Although I have a UNIX server, it’s being shared with other users. Turns out that I was able to submit a form to my web host to allow outbound connections, and after a day, the admin was able to approve it. I tried it using cURL first, and it works fine. I disabled fopen since cURL is working anyway. Anyway, I just want to say thanks for all the help. I know it took like 3 years… just kidding ^_^. Keep up the good work.

    ~ Mernald

  28. I’m having some weird things happen with the image titles when clicking on a thumbnail. All of my images have titles in Flickr, but when I click on the thumbnails, some of the titles don’t show up, or after clicking on one that does show up, all of the others inherit the same title. Anyone know where I should start looking?

  29. Thanks Jason,
    I found the problem, if you redownload the plugin from WordPress extend, that should fix it for you.


  30. Graham says:

    Good morning Trent,
    I apologise for my late reply to your question. I had signed up for email notifications to any follow up comments but I don’t seem to have got them so I was unaware you had so promptly replied.

    In answer to your question, No, we are running PHP 4. It’s my hosts answer to after reading your other replies I am not sure I will be able to get it to PHP 5 anytime soon.

    Is this why it is not working do you think? :0) I will be upgrading to WP2.3.3 this weekend, I was hoping this might of been the answer.

    Thanks again Trent, your support is to all these questions from everyone is much appreciated.

    “On: Creativity within Life”

  31. Graham says:

    Me again
    Sorry to confuse you, but we ARE running PHP5. Don’t why I thought we were not. Now you are going to tell me the problem is BECAUSE we are running PHP5? :0) Lol.


    “On: Creativity within Life”

  32. Graham,
    Try upgrading to the new 1.5.0a version of the plugin.


  33. Scott D says:


    This plugin is one of my new favorites! Thank you for all your hard work. I think I have it figured out, but my latest post of Flickr photos seem to fail once they are clicked on. I am new to Flickr, so I am really lost on that one.

    Otherwise, this is a great tool!

    -Scott D

  34. Scott D says:

    OK… I dowloaded the latest version and put 777 attributes on and no matter what, I get a “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” message each time.

    Just thought I would throw that in the pile for bug reports! =)

    I have your blog bookmarked, so I will continue to see what develops. No worries- this is a schweet plugin!

  35. Hi Scott,
    I made some changes, so try redownloading it from WordPress extend. If you still have any issues with it, try reverting to 1.4.5.

    At the moment 1.5.0a is a developmental release, which I made public to help me track bugs, because it’s practically a complete rewrite and tidy up of the old version I thought I found most of them but some may have slipped through.

    Also if your images are failing when you click on them, are you setting the lightbox size to big? Not all photos have a large equivalent see . Try setting the lightbox size to medium.

  36. D Adams says:

    Which version works with PHP 4? I can’t get my host to upgrade to php 5 for a while. Thanks!

  37. version 1.5.5 will work with PHP 4.4.x

  38. D Adams says:


    I should have clarified: I am getting the error that I have 4.3.9. Here’s what my service provider says:

    “We use RedHat’s Enterprise version of linux, it intentionally reports the same version from when it’s released to when it’s retired, so even though it has many of the features and patches from later releases, it will always report as 4.3.9. RedHat does extensive compatibility testing of their updates but keep the version number the same so that any software written for a specific release of their operating system will continue to work even after receiving updates. If the software you want to use is only looking at the version number and not testing that what it wants to do actually can’t be done, you may need to have us do the custom build David mentioned, or move the site if we get those other issues worked out with the newer operating system release.”

    … in case anyone else has a similar situation. Thanks.

  39. jlastras says:


    First thank you for this plugin, nice work.

    I am using Flickr Manager 1.4.5 on wordpress 2.3.3. and Linghtbox 2.5.0

    Everithing works fine but I see the code [img:2504163867,small] in my RSS feeds. How could I include the image into the RSS feeds instead of the code?

    Thanks in advance for your support.


  40. jlastras says:

    Hi, sorry, forget it it was an error in the RSS configuration.


  41. Eep says:

    I’m trying Flickr Manager 1.4.5, and i use Lightbox 2.

    when i click the thumbnail from Flickr Manager, lightbox doesn’t work, and browser goes to flickr website. i tried to deactivate lightbox 2 plugin, the built in lightbox from Flickr Manager is working. but.., there are many picture on my website doesn’t use flickr, but there are in wordpress upload folder, so, i have to use Lightbox 2 too

    any sugestions?


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