WordPress Flickr Manager v1.2.1

Well I just got back from my Christmas break and started to follow up the feedback I received while I was away. This led to several bug fixes and a few changes, one of which being you now simply click on the photo and it will be inserted into tinyMCE rather than drag and drop. Although drag-drop will still function, if you want the image to be wrapped in it’s associated link as stated in the Flickr Community Guidelines just click on the image once you’ve selected your size.

A few bugs have been resolved such as when trying to upload or browse photos with a low privileged account returned “Unauthorized Access“. A problem with the Flickr panel not maintaining the current page after changing the image size has also been fixed. If you find any other bugs please let me know.

As usual the updated version can be found at the WordPress extend page.


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  1. Phillip,
    Lightbox support should be released with the next version, so keep watch.

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