Flickr Manager gets photo sets in 1.5.0

In this final release of 1.5.0 I’ve added photo set support that allows you to browse your personal photo sets as well as take advantage of the Lightbox photo set functionality when inserting photos into posts. An example:

Wordcamp Melbourne 2007
WCM07WCM07WCM07David & I After Wordcamp MelbourneWCM07 - 'Baked in South Melbourne' Pizza

Also PHP 5 is now required to use this plugin otherwise you’ll receive the following error:
ERROR: You’re currently running 4.x.x and you must have at least PHP 5 in order to use Flickr Manager!

If you don’t have PHP 5 and have no way of installing it I believe version 1.4.5 will still function in some of the later releases of PHP 4.

The new Browse Panel
WFM 1.5.0 - Browse Panel


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