What’s new in Flickr Manager 2.3

In this latest installment of Flickr Manager, you may have noticed some changes to the media panel. The first change is the separation of the browse panel into two separate tabs, “My Photos”, “My Photosets”. Secondly, a new option to hide the licensing information when browsing public photos allows for more photos to be displayed per page, as seen below:

Flickr Manager 2.3 Browse PanelFlickr Manager 2.3 Insertion Panel

The method for insertion of images has changed to give you greater control over your Flickr photos. The save button will update the photo information directly on Flickr. When inserting a photo, the title field will reflect the caption to be displayed in the Lightbox or Highslide overlay (No save is necessary for this to take effect).

Finally this update includes some security updates which address several vulnerabilities, and it’s highly recommended that you upgrade.

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